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Looking for a studio in Oakland

I’m looking for a decent size space to work in Oakland, preferably with other sculptors around. Any leads would be most welcome. Though there are a lot of artists here, it seems most studio availability is passed by word of mouth.

3 Nights, 3 Shows

Good things come in threes.

This Thursday (tomorrow), I will be in the second Guerilla Show at the ARC Gallery along with good friends Heike Seefeldt and RUBYSPAM. It’s an innovative and fun concept for a show – all pieces are priced at $300 and under, and you buy them directly off the wall. I bought a great print of 3 taco trucks last time from Eric Rewitzer. Hope to see you there.

Then on Friday, I’ll be in the annual Xmas show at the Art Explosion. I may be showing the skateboard Xmas tree right up front. I first discovered the Art Explosion two years ago at the Christmas show and rented a space shortly after. The tree will first go on display at the International Studies Academy earlier in the day. It’s the school where my collaborator on the project, Michael Dorman, attends school.

On Saturday, I’ll be in the first anniversary show at the Incline Gallery in the Mission. It’s a very unusual space and I’m very pleased to be in the show.

Hope to see you there!

Cuddly Plumbing

Who doesn’t like their plumbing all soft and cuddly?

Skateboard Xmas Tree

I am volunteering with the SPARK Program once a week. My apprentice, 13 year old Michael Dorman, and I have been collaborating on a Christmas tree made out of broken skateboard decks and parts – Michael is very into skateboarding. It will be decorated with circular photos that Michael is taking with a  fish-eye lens that we built together. Here is how the tree currently looks – the tree is pretty much done; now we are working on the decorations.

We’re looking for somewhere to display it -ideally a skate shop or funky store. Anyone know of someone who may be interested?

Skateboard Tree